Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

We want everything you buy to be perfect the first time. If it's not, send it back within 15 days for a full refund or brand new product.

If for whatever reason your shipment comes in faulty, we'll replace it absolutely free, no questions asked. 

Theres nothing more frustrating than receiving something that isnt what you thought it would be. If our products are everything you expected, tell us how we can fix it by contacting us a Tell us what our next product should be, and what you dont like about our current ones. We are here to make premium products that you like and feel attached to.

Shipping Policy

Most orders will ship out within 24hrs of ordering and at your door within 5 - 7 business days at the most.

Choose one of our three shipping options to get our apparel to your door on time.

Standard - First Class - Two Day


We launched in the U.S. -  manufacture in the U.S. -  ship to only U.S.