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- 1 Corinthians 10:31 - 

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.


Seventh Salvation is built on the idea of expanding the Kingdom of God by sharing the truth of the Gospel to other people through our everyday lives as Christian Athletes. Our passion is to show people on and off the field, court, weight room, etc. that we pursue our life with the intention of honoring God and glorifying him in the talents and opportunities he has given us. 

We are not just an apparel line. This company is a place Christian athletes and their teammates can look towards as a representation of their extreme hard work and discipline that parallels the focus and discipline of believers in their faith. 

This is a support system; a rock; a house built on a firm foundation. The difficulties of earthly temptations and escapes that come through certain freedoms and pressures at all high levels of competition are very real. That is why our goal is to touch the lives of Christian athletes around the world and to give Gospel messages filled with motivation—to build a support system and foundation for athletes and the people around them to turn towards God.

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We intentionally put God's Word on many of our designs because we want to remember why we are working so hard on and off the field. In everything we do, we want to reflect God and his Word—starting with our name: "Seventh Salvation." In the Bible, the word “seven” symbolically represents wholeness, completeness, abundance, and fullness in its context numerous times (Gen 4:15) (Ex 21:2) (Matt 18:22) (2 Kings 5:10) (Joshua 6:15) (Rev 15:1). The name Seventh Salvation is used to represent the wholeness and abundance of God’s grace and salvation offered to those who believe in him. The number 7 itself has no numerical value in this context and should not be misunderstood to represent anything except the wholeness of God’s salvation that we adopt as believers.​

Our message is about excellence—Christ-centered and clean-cut with clear biblical references for the everyday Christian athlete.  

That’s why we have created the most comfortable custom cut, custom blended, custom woven shirts and apparel that I have personally designed and developed to fit perfectly all the way through a hard sweaty workout and still sustain its shape and comfortable feel.

Much of collegiate level athletics is focused on personal pursuits and enhancing oneself. However; as Christian athletes, we are called to serve one another. One of Seventh Salvation’s values is branching out to help those beyond our borders. Our goal within our mission is to advance the gospel and meet physical needs. That is why Seventh Salvation will donate a portion of every purchase to meet the needs of other Christians around the world. We will provide funding to train indigenous pastors in desperate areas across the world that do not live in faith-rich areas. We will assist churches in financial crisis that would otherwise dissolve, and give bibles to non-believers in those areas. Seventh Salvation will fund fresh water wells to bring water to villages and towns in third world areas.

We do not want to be another apparel company that creates low quality products at high prices and preaches a self-first mentality. We are quite the opposite. 

Why the number Seven? 

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